Nature and the Elements provide huge inspiration for my abstract art.

Fire, Water, the Oceans and the richness; the magnificence of our Natural World.

Scroll down to see a selection of mixed media works.

I didn't produce this graphic, and I'm not sure who did.  But I like it.

Portrait Series 1.jpg


My inspiration for these pieces came from watching the eruption of various volcanoes around the world.  I have always had an interest in their awesome beauty and power.

A glimpse into the fires of Hell

Acrylic on Box Canvas 60cm x 40cm (24" x 16")

Lava Lake #1

Acrylic on Box Canvas 70cm x 50cm (27" x 19")

Lava #2

Firescape R001

Acrylic on Box Canvas 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")

Lava #3

Lava #3

Acrylic on Box Canvas 60cm x 30cm (24" x 14")

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