Not The Storm On The Sea of Galilee aka The Jakuzzi at The Rembrandt 1.1 Black PNG.png
Not The Storm On The Sea of Galilee aka The Jakuzzi at The Rembrandt

Acrylics on 40 x 30cm canvas board (50 x 40cm Framed)

I would often travel for treatment at the Royal Marsden hospital where I was fortunate to have been accepted onto a trial for a new cancer drug.  It was what's referred to as a 'First In Human' trial, which meant that the company developing it had already exploded some guinea pigs and fish, and a few rabbits' heads may have turned blue and fallen off.  Thus, the confidence was there that none of that would happen when it then went into Me.  Whatever happened next was called 'science'.

On many occasions I stayed overnight at The Rembrandt Hotel opposite the V&A museum.  It has a pool and a jacuzzi, and it was the latter that inspired this work as I soaked away an evening in preparation of what often seemed like an exsanguination first thing the following morning, prior to the examinations of the day ahead.

The drugs worked for a short time, but unfortunately I caught an infection, so after a stay in hospital with pneumonia and a subsequent admission to ICU with blood clots the trial was eventually halted after five months.

For me, ‘Not The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee aka The Jakuzzi At The Rembrandt’ stimulates positive thoughts of relaxation and of optimism.  I think about the calm before the storm.

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