I've long been a fan of Piet Mondrian.  A friend introduced me to his work some years back and I found it fitted in with my love of the abstract image.  It was bold and it was blunt in its statement.  To coin a phrase I don't particularly like: It told it like it is.


The greatest idea it presented to me was the opportunity to make whatever I wanted of it.  In my mind I made it warm and comforting, and yet stylish and sharp-witted.


'An 'umble 'omage to M Piet Mondrian is just that; an homage; a tribute; an appreciation.  It is my way of saying Thank You for the joy his works have brought me. 

An 'umble 'omage to M. Piet Mondrian

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  • The painting is in acrylics on canvas board and is 40 x 30cm (W/H).  Framed, the painting is 50 x 40cm,

    Each painting is for inside only and should always be kept out of direct sunlight and never exposed to water or other fluids.