21 Fforbes 150
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Fforbes 150

Throughout history, gold has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance. 

Fforbes 150 is an homage to the beauty of both the metal and the colour itself, and its occasional opposite: black.

The black paint represents, to me at least, the dark underbelly of the metal's pursuit; how it is often coveted; how it inspires greed and or corruption.  

But Fforbes 150 is not strictly a political piece, for many, including myself, simply adore the colour.

Fforbes 150 by Dan W Griffin
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Fforbes 120

Fforbes 120 takes another look at the colour.  Or is it more a swipe at what it means to us?

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Venom 001

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Venom 001 by Dan W Griffin

There is no avoiding them, for they are all part of this finite experience we call Life.  

I don't recall what exactly inspired the first Venom (001) , but I could probably shoot a guess that it was one of those cancer-related 'dark' days.

But you power through it.  You scream or you shout, you guzzle wine, or gobble down a cheesecake.  Some people smile and let it simply pass them by.

We don't like Them.


B001 by Dan W Griffin
Sold Dot
Ode to Warhol by Dan W Griffin
Our Earth 2042 by Dan W Griffin
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What's On

The darkness can appear at any time, and often comes gift-wrapped; as if a particularly disturbed individual has presented you with gift of a bag of dog vomit wrapped in the entrails of a dead badger.