Frequently asked questions

What does your work represent?  What do they mean?

I began painting to fill my home with colour. I was no longer ten, and so the poster of Tennis Girl or the white Lamborghini Countach were in the distant past.

Do you do commissions?

On occasion. Please ask.

Where can I buy your work?

At my shows, or please do send me an email. I will be opening up an online store in the future, however this is a work in progress at the moment.

Do you have representation?

Not at the moment.

I have a location (gallery, retail unit etc.) and would like to show your work, how may I do that?

Please email me the details and we can have a chat.

Is your work an investment opportunity?

I am somewhat aggravated about someday being dead, particularly considering that because I have stage 4 lung cancer, that someday may be sooner than I would have liked. With that in mind, artworks tend to increase in value when the artist is no longer 'available' to produce work, so, I guess, given that I am dying, then probably yes, the value of my work will increase considerably post-life.

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