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Frequently asked questions

What does your work represent? What do they mean?

I began painting to fill my home with colour. I had recently gatecrashed a private view for the free wine and at that show saw a piece of work that made me think, 'I could do that'. And si did.

Do you do commissions?

On occasion. Please ask.

Where can I buy your work?

At my shows, or please do send me an email. I will be opening up an online store in the future, however this is a work in progress at the moment.

Do you have representation?

Not at the moment.

I have a location (gallery, retail unit etc.) and would like to show your work, how may I do that?

Please email me the details and we can have a chat.

Is your work an investment opportunity?

I am somewhat aggravated about someday being dead, particularly considering that because I have stage 4 lung cancer, that someday may be sooner than I would have liked. With that in mind, artworks tend to increase in value when the artist is no longer 'available' to produce work, so, I guess, given that I am dying, then probably yes, the value of my work will increase considerably post-life.

What is 'Dignitastic!'

The term, Dignitastic is of course a tongue in cheek reference to the assisted dying clinic in Switzerland that I may one day find myself visiting on a one-way trip. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland, but I had previously hoped that I would also be able to come back.