Electric Oasis
Electric Oasis by Dan W Griffin


To say that I am delighted by colours is perhaps a considerable understatement.  I think about them in everything; in a meal; in my mind’s eye as I read a page of a book; in an autumnal scene as I stare out of the window of a train on my way to the Royal Marsden.   I think about those colours that clash against one another, and I think those that work so well together it is as if it was meant to be.

‘Electric Oasis’ was born out of another painting that featured that same combination of metallic oranges and blues and greens.  I wanted it to look as though it was moving, yet frozen.  I wanted it look exciting, even electrifying. 

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Same-Same But Different
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An 'umble 'omage to M. Piet Mondrian
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An 'umble 'omage to M. Piet Mondrian
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Right Pointer
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